The Department of Earth Sciences is located in two buildings on the ETH Zurich Zentrum campus. ETH Zurich Zentrum campus is in walking distance from Zurich Main Station.

Building NO

Sonneggstrasse 5, 8092 Zurich

The NO building is the main Department of Earth Sciences building. Here you'll also find the Earth & Science Discovery Center focusTerra with museum.

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Delivery D

Clausiusstrasse 26, 8092 Zurich

Deliveries to the Department of Earth Sciences can be made via “Anlieferung D”. “Anlieferung D” is located behind building NO with access from Clausiusstrasse.

Building NW

Clausiusstrasse 25, 8092 Zurich

Building NW is located across building NO and two are linked via a passage.

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Public transport

Travel to Zurich Main Station by train. From the Main Station take tram no. 10 (towards the Airport or Oerlikon station) or tram no. 6 (towards the Zoo) as far as the “ETH/Universitätsspital” stop. Alternatively take the Polybahn from “Central” to “ETH Zentrum” or tram no. 9 from “Bellevue” (towards Hirzenbach) as far as the “ETH/Universitätsspital” stop.


Availability of parking is very limited. For speakers and organisers parking can be provided, if available and with prior confirmation.

Alternative parking is available in the parging garage “Hohe Promenade” at Rämistrasse close to the Bellevue or in the parking garage “Central”.

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